Microsoft plans on bringing Xbox titles to PlayStation sooner or later

Microsoft’s plans on bringing a bunch of Xbox-only games over to PlayStation 5. They have dropped these news at the Game Developers Conference in 2024, which is indeed considered a bombshell. Now, everyone has questions about Xbox’s future.

Christopher Dring, a big name at, revealed this during a chat. He mentioned that not as many Xbox Series X/S are flying off the shelves in Europe anymore. So, Microsoft decided to shake things up and start sharing games like “Grounded,” “Sea of Thieves,” “Hi-Fi Rush,” and “Pentiment” with other platforms. Even though they left out some big names like “Starfield” and “Indiana Jones and the Great Circle,” Phil Spencer hinted they’re open to sharing even more games in the future.

Dring pointed out that game makers have hesitated to release their Xbox games. Opening its game library to PlayStation could help Microsoft expand its game catalog even further, even if it means giving up some of the Xbox exclusivity.

He further added (transcript via VGC): “And with Xbox putting some of the games on PS5 – from what I understand the majority of them will be coming across at some point, assuming it progresses as Xbox believes it probably will – I think Xbox is in real trouble as a hardware manufacturer, and that was the thing that came out of GDC for me.

First, it’s changing the whole “console wars” vibe, where being the only place to play certain games was a badge of honor. Now, Microsoft seems more interested in getting people to play their games, no matter the console.

This is awesome news for gamers. If you’ve only got a PlayStation, you’ll finally be able to play some Xbox exclusives without needing to buy a new console.

But, this does make you wonder what Xbox will stand for in the future. If Microsoft keeps this up, Xbox might be known more for its games than the console itself. It’s a whole new world where what matters most isn’t the box under your TV but the games you play.

And there’s more good stuff coming soon for PlayStation gamers. “Grounded” is landing on PS5, PS4, and even Nintendo Switch on April 16th. “Sea of Thieves” will be ready to play on PS5 by April 30th. Plus, “Hi-Fi Rush” and “Pentiment” are already out for PS5, and you can play “Pentiment” on the Switch too.

As the lines between gaming platforms start to fade, we’re all waiting to see how this plays out. Microsoft’s big move might just bring us to a future where it’s all about the games, no matter where you play them.

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