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Pokemon Go Free Code for Purified Gems after Reaching 150k Interactions on TikTok

Update March 28, 2024: Trainers, we have reached the Purified Gems bonus. Niantic and Pokemon Go kept their promise, and you can now redeem the promo code and get free Purified Gems.

Niantic and Pokemon Go have changed the way to redeem promo codes, and now you can redeem them on the web. Unfortunately, offer code redemption on the web is currently unavailable for users with PTC accounts. Players using PTC will have to link another login provider to their account and login via that account to redeem the offer code.

The code is now listed below:


Update March 27, 2024: Trainers, we are slowly but surely approaching the goal of 150k interactions, and according to the latest, official information, we are at 75%, or if math serves us well, we have made 112,500 interactions. We need another 37,500 to get the promo code and the bonus.

Update: Trainers, Pokemon Go just announced that we are halfway there. We are only missing around 75.000 interactions.

Previous Story: Trainers, Team Go Rocket and Shadow Mewtwo are returning to Pokemon Go during the World of Wonders: Taken Over event, and to celebrate they’re giving away a code for free Purified Gems.

The official Pokemon Go TikTok page has confirmed that there will be free Purified Gems, but to get them, we have to get the code first. Now, to get the code, their TikTok post needs to get 150,000 interactions. You already know how it goes, “follow us, like the post, tag three friends, and save or share the post.” Simple, right?

It seems they listened when we said they had to fix the Purified Gems latency before the event started, so they decided to give us free items as compensation.

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