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Pokemon Go players urge others not to buy the Rogue of the Jungle Ticket, “Niantic is starting to sell Pokemon”

Apparently, I haven’t been the only one thinking that this whole Rogue of the Jungle ticket is very suspicious.

In an event that is a few hours away from starting (in some parts of the world it already has started), Trainers have the “opportunity” to purchase a Rogue of the Jungle Special Research ticket, which grants an encounter with Zarude.

As soon as everything was announced, many Trainers were left starstruck, mainly because Zarude was available to all of us in a free Special Research, back when it made its debut in the game. Now, the Rogue Monkey Pokemon is locked behind a paywall, and that paywall isn’t cheap.

A large number of Trainers are now urging the rest not to buy the ticket. They all say that it looks like Niantic is starting to sell Pokemon, which is prohibited in the world. Not to mention, this is completely the opposite of what Pokemon Go was advertised to be.

Some also say that Niantic is out of touch with reality, due to the increased ticket prices, and for something that is not even remotely close to “worth it”, especially with a Pokemon that was free to get otherwise. Plus, its other “form” Dada Zarude is the next thing Niantic will probably try to monetize (or should I say, monkeytize).

While I am not surprised that this is happening, I do not agree with the amount of money (monkey?) Niantic is trying to make us spend. Not that we aren’t clever enough not to give them that money, but it is still upsetting in times like this for Niantic to push a $7.99 ticket that would essentially give us nothing.

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