Pokemon Legends: ZA four Mega Evolutions rumor

The Pokemon franchise is going to be expanded with another title next year, and players of other titles already have some theories of their own.

Pokemon Legends: ZA is officially coming out worldwide in 2025, and from what we know, the gameplay is going to be within Lumiose City, a place where a redevelopment plan is about to take place in order to accommodate both humans and Pokemon.

Now, Pokemon Scarlet & Violet players have a theory that four Mega Evolutions will be coming to Pokemon Legends: ZA because of posters found in Cass’s room at Blueberry Academy.

Those posters are of Archaludon, Flygon, Malamar and Hitmonlee. While we don’t know the exact reason as to why these posters are in Cass’s room, Pokemon Scarlet & Violet players think that these Pokemon are the ones who are going to get their Mega Evolutions.

Flygon is extremely popular among players, and Archaludon is the Pokemon considered most appropriate when it comes to the urban nature of Lumiose City. As for Mega Malamar and Mega Hitmonlee, players think that these Pokemon would add variety and some degree of excitement to the game.

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