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TemTem will terminate microtransactions in June

TemTem, the famous popular Pokemon-like RPG, has announced the stop of seasonal support. Together with it, the developer will remove all of the microtransactions with a focus on something else. TemTem has been successful for the past 4 years, and it’s time to focus on something new.

The developer has announced this in an open letter on its official website, where they said “We didn’t create Temtem with the idea of expanding its limits forever,“. Looking forward, Crema has revealed its roadmap for Temtem’s final 1.7 Patch, named “normal-sized” update.

After this update, update 1.8 will be the game’s final update focusing on features, which will end the Tamer Passes or Seasonal content, with microtransactions being terminated completely. Update 1.7 will remove Novas, and items available for purchase will be accessible via Feathers.

Crema’s efforts do not end here. While a sequel might be worked on, the studio has said they are working on a new

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