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Shiny Heracross Odds during Mega Heracross Raid Day in Pokémon GO

The Mega Heracross Raid Day has started, and with it, many Pokémon GO players are now sharing their Shiny Heracross and Mega Heracross. The Shiny forms are boosted during the event, so let’s see the exact numbers below.

The Raid Day is an event that lasts only 3 hours, from 2 to 5 pm local time. Today, April 13, 2024, during the event, all Pokémon GO players will have a chance to battle Mega Heracross in Mega Raids, and what we are interested in is the shiny chances.

According to our analysis, the chances of getting shiny Heracross are increased during the Raid Day event and are 1 in 10 or 10%. Note that Mega Heracross will continue to be in Mega Raids for at least 10 more days, but the shiny odds won’t be as high.

Lastly, you can beat Mega Heracross solo, and you should only use Flying-type attacks. Why? Well, Mega Heracross is 2x to Flying-type attacks, and using Pokémon like Rayquaza (Mega and Shadow too), Shadow Moltres and Shadow Ho-Oh can get the job done.

Has Mega Heracross Raid Day started where you are? Did you manage to beat it in Mega Raids and catch the shiny form? We managed to catch 3 shiny Mega Heracross, out of a total of 17 encounters.

The shiny numbers are up, so make sure you don’t miss the event.

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