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The Finals Update 2.3.0 Introduces Ranked Progression Indicator

The Finals Update 2.3.0 has introduced a new Ranked Progression system, which was something needed by the community. Furthermore, this update introduces a new quest with the first ever Discord collab, which will offer some exclusive rewards.

Discord and Exclusive Rewards

The Discord Quest is a new way for players to earn the exclusive “Skill Issue Set” by streaming their gameplay on Discord to at least one friend for a minimum of 15 minutes. Something we haven’t seen in a while, as it encourages players to engage in more activities. The quest is only available for PC players, and also includes the possibility to stream in a private message.

Ranked Progression Indicator

This will allow players to track their ranked progression, which is the first iteration of a system that allows players to view their movement in the rankings. With an end-of-match screen, players will be notified for their rank variation.

As for the additional changes, you can find the patch notes below:

The Finals Update 2.3.0 Changelog

And finally, the first version of the ranked progression indicator which shows how you move up and down in rank after each ranked tournament has been added! Your feedback continues to be critical on this, so please keep it coming!

Here are the updates:


    • Increased recoil curve recovery delay from 0.68 to 0.8
    • Increased recoil recovery time from 0.8 to 1
Dev note: These changes cause automatic recoil recovery to kick in slightly later than before a player finishes firing. It helps prevent an issue where players who pressed the fire button slightly slower than other players felt they saw a very different recoil pattern for the gun
  • Power Shift
    • Added SYS$HORIZON to the map pool
    • Enabled a new HUD
    • The platform will now deal damage to players that are squished underneath it, to fix the issue where you could be pushed through the ground when trapped


  • Fixed a bug where the revive tab and respawn coins were swapped in the scoreboard
  • Corrected an issue that made the Career Circuit page appear smaller after viewing rewards on console
  • Fixed an issue where Bank Rabbit Bundle couldn’t be purchased via the outfit screen


  • Added an end-of-match screen to indicate the change in rank
  • Added animations to the end-of-match rank screen to show when a player is close to going up or down in rank

NOTE: We have a known issue where all players will see the incorrect ranking the first time they boot the game. You can ignore this screen, as it will only show once and will not affect your actual ranking in any way. We decided it was better to go out with this incorrect screen, than to hold off on this feature for another week1.

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