Battlestate Games Added New EFT Servers In The US, ASIA and EU

US players have been struggling to find and are usually victims of abnormal and long queue times. For that reason, the developers of Escape From Tarkov, Battlestate Games have decided to add new servers, especially in the NA. New York, Washington, Seattle, LA, and Dallas have received two servers each, which has decreased the queue time for quite a lot.

Other continents across the globe have also received new Escape From Tarkov servers. Japan, Hong Kong, Singapore, Russia, Spain, and others have also gotten a couple of server enhancements. According to the official Battlestate Games announcement, the following countries have received new EFT servers:

  • 10 servers in US (NY, Washington, Seattle, LA, Dallas)
  • 2 servers in Tokyo, Japan
  • 1 server in Madrid, Spain
  • 2 servers in Krasnoyarsk, Russia
  • 2 servers in Singapore
  • 2 servers in Hong Kong
  • 1 server in Milan, Italy
  • 1 server in Amsterdam, Netherlands
  • 1 server in Falkenstein, Germany
  • 22 in total added

With that said, the developers behind EFT are working with all their power to satisfy a bunch of newcomers to Escape From Tarkov, minimize the paranoia caused, and establish a smooth gameplay experience.

BSG also reminds us that new servers are added daily, so there’s nothing to worry about. It may be slow while they operate as intended, due to recent popularity that has probably resulted in increased game sales. Thus, all the new game clients need to be served, and new servers are here to endure at the right time.

The South American side will also be served at the best possible time. Brazil, Chile, Argentina, Mexico, and others in the region will also get the opportunity to delve into the game and lower the current pressure on the NA servers.

Angel Kicevski

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