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Monopoly is Now Available on Nintendo Switch

Monopoly is now available for Nintendo Switch, and it brings completely new ways to play and HD Rumble to the familiar game of buying, building and make the opponents go to bankrupt.

It can be played on a TV or in tabletop mode. Monopoly can be played by maximum 6 players online or offline while earning rewards and unlocking exclusive content.

Combined with 2D Rabbids-themed game boards and three different 3D boards, this game offers six optional house rules, 6 Goal Cards with many conditions for winning. Also, the Action cards are included, and a Speed Die mode. New game pieces can be unlocked too, if the hat or penguin do not do the thing for you.

This version of the game it is said to have the most realistic sensation of rolling the dice with HD Rumble. For more info on this game, you can check Ubisoft’s official site.



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