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PayDay 2 Crime Spree Game Mode

This goes especially for Heisters with style! If you are a stylish Heister, then you will love the new game mode, the Crime Spree.

As of today, PayDay 2 is getting a new game mode, called Crime Spree.

In this mode the players can accumulate ranks and chain heists. Also, there is a new Armor Safe and Armor skins.

payday 2 crime spree

The new game mode brings back the old 7 Screen Filters from PD:TH and 4 new filters. Sounds great, right? So don’t hold back and join your crew.

This update brings some changes to Body Expertise, Linux Builds and #MYHEISTER.

In Body Expertise, you will now longer have the crossbows and the Bulldozers will ignore BE. About the Linux Builds, the devs will build them separately.

About the Linux Builds, the devs will build them separately. #MYHEISTER is going to be great and you can check it out here.

Update 138 brings updated textures on basic cops and a new portal to Heat Street, which will increase performance.

To download it, you will need 344Mb of free space.



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