Where Did They Fail: Ubisoft The Division Failure

So, I guess all of you know The Division Game which came out on 8th of March 2016. Everyone was surprised and waited for the full release of the game because the open beta version of the game lasted for one week. Personally, if I speak for myself, I barely waited for the game to come out. I was so excited and couldn’t wait for the official release. Check out the content below about The Division Failure.

8th of March:

Finally, the game was released. I queued the game for downloading as soon as possible. The download was finished, and I popped in the game as fast as I could.  Everything went nice, and it was a real pleasure and fun. Haven’t been enjoying such a game lately (talking about that period). New York got infected, and I was trying to save the remains as much as possible.

Didn’t mention that I had the PC version of the game since I am an old school Counter-Strike player and I cannot use Gamepad for playing a third person game, or at least when you zoom in becomes FPS (First Person Shooter). I found friends, the community was excellent, everyone was trying to get better. We enjoyed the DZ, boosted me to DZ Lvl 99, was even top 20 on the charts for Rogue Kills.

The Division Failure:

We played for a month or so, and then the first Underground patch got released. It was all falling apart from there. Hacks, trainers, glitches, I do not know what else, but there was a lot of bad things going on in the game. The community was so good at the time, for later everything to go upside-down. Let me tell you one thing. If you release a game, all you should care about is the community, because the community makes the game and gives you the experience you need to move forward.

Here, the community fails. I think it was Ubisoft’s fault for this because they pushed Massive to release the game and conclude it as a final product. Everyone farmed the first underground patch using glitches, hacks, etc… and while that was going on and I wanted to enjoy the DZ area. When I went inside, there were ten people at least jumping on your head and bombing you like an airplane.

Since this happened, my friends started leaving and quitting the game. I was like, what is going on, this is the only game we enjoyed playing. Everyone was pissed on the glitches that got the gear for free.

This is the only point where they failed

Before you release a patch, you should get your community managers, bug testers, even hire ordinary people to test the new patch. Because, as we saw, the bug testers failed pretty hard.

So, after my friends left the game, I was bored. Didn’t have much to do which comes down again to that “the community makes the game” as I stated above.

I do not care what is going on now on The Division, what is going on with the gear or stuff like that. I can say that I miss “The Streamers House” because they were pretty nice and they are still streaming the game (I think so, haven’t checked it in a while now).

Conclusion: The community makes the game, not the other way around.

So, I would love to tell all the POWER GAMING HOUSES to pay attention to this rule, because this rule is the only rule that will bring you joy and money.

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