Civilization VI: Full Gameplay Review And Release Date

Are you into strategy games? If you are, then Civilization is the perfect game for you. A new era is coming, new Civilization, with a new diplomacy and wave of wars, followed by a nuclear strike from India…

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Civilization VI release date:

Civilization VI is available on Steam, with special editions and few bundles. But the official release date is on 21st of October. There is The Digital Deluxe Edition, with a price $79.99/£69.99, that gives you copy of the game, 25th-anniversary special soundtrack, also an access to four DLC packs that’ll add maps, scenarios, civilizations, and leaders.

Also, there is a Steam controller bundle for $89.98, and a Steam controller + Deluxe Edition bundle for $109.98.

About Civilization VI:

In the new series of Civilization IV, everything starting from building to management is more modernized than the previous series. These changes are allowing you to arrange your cities the way that you like and to see how they fit in certain areas. Ed Beach, the designer of Civilization IV, says that he like to make changes  in this game, so the players can enjoy even more. In the new expansion, there are certain “Unstacked” Cities, Localized Happiness, Roads by Trade, Agendas & Gossip, Unit Stacking, Eureka Moments, Civic, Religion. So, we will explain to you what that means.

1. Unstacked cities:

Everyone is talking about Unstack cities. In addition, there are few interesting points about it, that you may not be aware of. Now there are districts and there are not pilled on into the cities. Buildings are built in districts and districts are specialized. For example, you can have a science district, that’s where you can have you Science and University. You can also have a religious district, where you can build your temple. You have to pay attention where you actually build your temples. For example, some of the buildings require building on desert surface, such as the pyramids.

Science and religious stacks, if you build them next to the mountains and an industrial area will benefit next to a mine field. In addition, there are two districts that stand out from the others. The Military district, in order to attack enemies you need to build city walls. These walls, also make benefit for the district. Our advice if you have two cities, try to build this military base closer to them, in order to have larger defensive coverage. The second district is the Dock district.  In this district, you don’t have to build your city on the coast, for that city to produce sea or navy units.

2. Localized Happiness:

Happiness is now localized instead of global. You can now build a different city, but no matter how happy the people are, it will not affect the rest of the Empire. To keep your people happy, you have to balance your housing in your growth with amenities.

3. Roads by Trade

Roads are now built by trade. This means that trading with another civilization will establish a road between the two cities. But you have to be careful with who you trade with because you are making a road between you two. You can benefit from that city that you are trading, but in the future, you have to be careful who you make trades with. The same neighbor can later attack you from the same road that has been made for trades.

4. Agendas & Gossip

Now we come to the interesting part of the game. Each Civilization has their own Agenda by building their city as strong as possible. Therefore, that is good because Cleopatra attacks small cities with a small military. But some of the Leaders, such as Roosevelt, hates declaring war on his continent. Basically, the player will have a small army and Egypt will declare war, Roosevelt gets upset and declares war on Egypt… Gossip part is where you find out what the other civilizations are most likely to build. How do you find out what is that they will build? -Trade. With the trade, you are not only getting goods but also you are getting information about other Civilizations. Playing further you get more information with your spies, top secrets or maybe government status.

5. Unit Stacking

Now, you can stack units again. How can you do that? It is limited unit stacking where you can stack military units from the same kind, to make super units, or you can combine units with your main units.

6. Eureka Moments

In Civilization VI, now your research relies on your surroundings and what you are actually doing in the game. Taking advantage of your surroundings and planing what technology you want to build, will be more important than ever.

7. Civic

Civic now works a lot like technology. There are four main category policy: military, economic, diplomatic and wild card. You can get them based on your actions through out the world.

8. Religion

The main is that religion now adds on top of pantheons. What is interesting, but we have to wait and see, it was mentioned that there will be a religious war. But we don’t know the details yet.

How many Civilization are in the game?

Civilization IV have 16 different countries, with different leaders. Here we have all the info that you need.


  • Trajan, the Leader, 13th Emperor of Rome. Known as a great soldier. Trajan’s Column is his ability, granting all cities one free building in the city center.
  • Legion, Unique Unit, more expensive than a swordsman, but stronger. Also, functions as a military engineer that can only build a limited number of times. They can build roads and forts.
  • Roman Baths, unique building. Replaces Aqueduct and provides more amenities and housing. Unlocked with the Engineering Tech.
  • All Roads lead to Rome, special ability. All cities start with a trading post, and any new city in the range of your Capital will automatically have a road going to them. Trade routes going through your cities earn extra gold.


  • Pericles, Leader. First time Alexander the Great hasn’t lead the nation in a Civ game, even though Alexander is a Macedonian leader, they still acknowledge him as Greek. He gives Surrounded by Glory, giving Greece more culture per allied city state.
  • Hoplite, unique unit. Gets a bonus when near other Hoplites and generally acts as a great early game spear unit.
  • Acropolis, unique building. Replaces the Theatre District and benefits more from adjacency bonuses, but must be built on a hill.
  • Plato’s Republic, special ability. This gives them an extra wildcard slot in any government, giving more access to policies.


  • Harald Hardrada Leader, the last Viking king. His ability is the Thunderbolt of the North, making all his naval melee units able to perform coastal raids. He also gets the Longboat, which can heal in neutral territory and benefits from the coastal raiding buff.
  • Berserker, unique unit. Pillaging is cheaper and attacking is buffed, but they’re far worse at defense.
  • Stave Church, unique building: A buffed-up temple with an extra bonus to faith when next to forests.
  • While unnamed, special ability. Norway’s special ability as a nation allows all their units to embark and means that the Shipbuilding research lets their units cross the ocean. Prepare your defenses.


  • Mvemba a Nzinga, Leader, aka King Afonso I. Nzinga is most famous for his attempts to spread Christianity across his empire. He also increased activities with Portugal in a bid to modernize the empire. His unique ability is Nkisi – Relics, Artifacts and Great Works of Sculpture produce food, production, and gold for their city in addition to the usual culture and tourism. You also generate Great Merchants and Great Artists twice as fast.
  • Ngao Mbeba, unique unit. This unit, which replaces swordsman, grants a defense bonus vs. ranged attacks. They can also see through forests and jungles and have no movement penalty for moving through them. You don’t need iron to build them.
  • M’banza, unique infrastructure. This unique district replaces neighborhood and can be built earlier in the game. As well as providing housing, it also provides food and gold.
  • Religious Convert, special ability. As a religious convert, a Mzinga cannot build Holy Sites. Instead, he can use the Founder belief of any religion that’s established itself in a majority of Kongo’s cities. Kongo also gets a free Apostle every time a Theatre District or M’banza is built – the Apostle follows the city’s majority religion.


  • Mahatma Gandhi, Leader. He leads of the Indian independence movement during the country’s colonization by Great Britain and icon of pacifism. His unique ability is Satyagraha, which gives India a faith boost for each country the player meets that is not at war and has founded a religion. Opposing Civ’s suffer happiness penalties for fighting wars against Gandhi.
  • Váru, unique unit. If you decide to completely disregard everything this civilization’s great leader stands for, here’s a massive elephant that reduces combat effectiveness of all enemy units.
  • Stepwell, unique infrastructure. This unique improvement provides food and housing. It produces more food if built next to a farm, and faith if built by a holy site.
  • Dharma, special ability. Allows the player all the follower beliefs of every religion present in their cities.


  • Philip II, Leader. King of the massive Spanish Empire for 48 years. His El Escorial ability gives his units a combat bonus when fighting opponents from other religions and allows his inquisitors to remove heresy from one extra tile.
  • Conquistador, unique unit. Get a significant bonus when there’s an apostle, an inquisitor or a Spanish missionary on their hex. If they’re adjacent to a city as it’s captured, they will also automatically convert it to your religion.
  • Mission, unique infrastructure. This unique improvement provides faith and gives bonus faith if built on a different continent to your capital. It also gives bonus science if built next to a campus.
  • Treasure Fleet, special ability. Putting these on trade routes between continents grants extra yields, and you can combine ships into fleets much earlier than other units.



  • Frederick Barbarossa, Leader. The Holy Roman Emperor in his time. He gets an extra military policy, plus a combat boost vs. city-state units.
  • U-Boat, unique unit. Costs less to produce and gets extra power while fighting in the ocean.
  • Hansa, unique infrastructure. Replaces the industrial zone and gets bonus production if next to commercial hubs, resources or additional adjacent districts.
  • Free Imperial Cities, special ability. Germany gets one more district in each city than their population would normally allow.


  • Tomyris, Leader. The conquer of Cyrus the Great of the Persian empire in 530 BC. Her armies get a bonus when they attack wounded units and heal a little when they defeat an enemy.
  • Saka Horse Archer, unique unit. A powerful horseback unit that carries a mobility bonus and, somehow, doesn’t require a horse resource to build J.
  • Kurgan, unique infrastructure that provides faith and gold, and gets a bonus for being built near pastures. Can’t be built by a mountain, or next to another Kurgan.
  • People of the Steppe, special ability. Create two units instead of one when they build light cavalry or Saka Horse Archers.


  • Pedro II, Leader. Reigned for 58 years during the 19th century. His special ability, Magnanimous, lets him get back points for recruited Great People.
  • Minas Geraes, unique unit. Unlocked through Nationalism Civic, this unit has improved defense and better-ranged attack.
  • Carnival, unique infrastructure. Unique district. Replaces the entertainment complex and lets the city build a special project that turns production into amenities. Once it’s done, Brazil gets extra Great People points.
  • Rainforests, special ability. Gives special adjacency bonuses.


  • Catherine de Medici, Leader a 16th-century queen who held the title for 12 years. Her special ability is ladies-in-waiting, giving additional info on Civ’s you meet. She also gets an extra spy once Castles are researched.
  • Garde Imperiale, unique unit. Replace the Musketmen, have a bonus for fighting on the home continent and get Great General points on kills.
  • : Château, unique building. Built on rivers with bonuses for Wonders while providing culture.
  • Grand Tour, special ability. Makes it easier to produce mid-game wonders – think castles rather than hanging gardens or internets – and gives bonus tourism for wonders, making cultural victories more effective.


  • Montezuma I Leader. The 15th-century leader of the Aztecs. Gifts for the Tlatoani makes luxuries give amenities to extra cities and each luxury exploited in their territory increases military power of units.
  • Eagle Warrior, unique unit. Replaces the Warrior unit with a more powerful version and turns defeated enemies into builders. Doesn’t work on Barbarians.
  • Tlachtli, unique building. Provides faith, amenities and Great General points for a well-rounded building.
  • Unnamed, special ability. It allows them to speed construction of districts with builder units.

Aztecs are a timed Civilization VI pre-order bonus, releasing for free to everyone on January 19, 2017, if you don’t pre-order.


  • Qin Shi Huang, Leader. Emperor of China in the 3rd century BC. Allows builders to be used an extra time, and they can be used to hasten construction of Ancient and Classical wonders.
  • Crouching Tiger Cannon, unique unit. Has high power and a single-hex ranged attack, while not requiring special resources to be build.
  • The Great Wall, unique infrastructure. Now a time improvement rather than wonder, it provides defense and gold at the beginning of the game, culture and tourism later on. Builders must be expended to make each segment.
  • Dynastic Cycles, special ability. Gives the Chinese more benefits from Eureka and Inspiration events, special happenings based on your actions that give bonuses towards technologies.


  • Hojo Tokimune, Leader. A 13th century regent of the Kamakura shogunate. His ability, Divine Wind, gives land units bonuses near coasts and naval units bonuses on coasts.
  • Samurai, unique unit. Unlocked by the mid-game Military Tactics tech, this unit fights at full strength even when damaged.
  • Electronics Factory, unique building. Replacing the basic factory, it provides culture and production to all nearby cities to its tile, not just the city that owns it.
  • Meiji Restoration, special ability. Buffs districts based on the number of adjacent districts, causing their cities to be tightly packed at their most effective.


  • Cleopatra, Leader. She buffs trade routes, making ones that go out give more gold and ones that come in give the originator food, while also giving even more gold to Egypt.
  • Chariot Archer, unique unit. Faster than most units in the early eras with a one-hex ranged attack.
  • Sphinx, unique infrastructure. This tile improvement gives faith and culture, with bonuses when next to a wonder.
  • Eteru, special ability. Makes districts and wonders build faster next to rivers.


  • Queen Victoria, Leader. Ruled from 1837-1901. We’re yet to find out her special ability.
  • Seadog and Redcoat, unique units. The former is a powerful naval unit while the latter is a musketman with free disembarkation and combat buffs when not on the home continent.
  • Royal Navy Dockyard, unique infrastructure. This gives bonuses to all ships built here, extra gold for other dockyards and produces great admiral points.
  • British Museum, special ability. Gives more slots to museums for artifacts and makes them produce more archaeologists.


  • Theodore Roosevelt, Leader. 26th President of the United States. He gives America a combat bonus for fighting on the home continent and gives a bonus to national park’s cultural output. He also has his own unique unit, the Rough Riders, a special type of cavalry that get combat bonuses in hills, give culture for kills on the home continent and are cheap to maintain.
  • P-51 Mustang, unique unit. A superior fighter aircraft that does extra damage and has better range.
  • Film Studio, unique building. A big cultural bonus exclusive to the modern era.
  • Founding Fathers, special ability. Lowers the time it takes to gain government bonuses.



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