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Plants vs Zombies Heroes: New Superheros And Gameplay

Electronic Art and Pop Cap Games wanted to spice up the world of Plants and Zombies serial by releasing a new game called Plants vs Zombies Heroes a.k.a. PvZH.

pvzh gameplay

Plants vs Zombies Heroes lookout.

The game was a surprise release on Wednesday 19th October available for Android and IOS. This time the theme for this new game is not like the previous one tower defense. Now is with cards which you have to collect or you can purchase them. The game was released since March 2016 but in beta version. Since then Pop Cap Games fixed a lot of bugs and added some new cards for Helloween.

Senior Producer of Plants vs. Zombies Heroes Brian Lindley stated: -“PvZH has evolved into a hilarious, crazy, over-the-top collectible card game that’s fun for everyone but packed with depth, secrets and strategy. We can’t wait for our fans to start playing and we can’t wait for our fans to start playing.”

Like every card game, the players need to collect heroes in cards and adjust them into the game against their opponents. A player can choose a side to play as Zombies or Plants. In this game, there is also new characters like Brainz, Citron, Z-Mech and Rose. All of them are different in their skills, attacks and defenses in their unique way.

Plants vs Zombies Heroes can be played in single and multiplayer mode. In Single mode, you can find over 100 levels. In an online competition, you can challenge your friends and fight against other players with same skill as yours. Only advanced users can play the multiplayer mode.

PvZ Heroes

New heroes and cards

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Pop Cap Games fixed a lot of bugs and added some new cards for Helloween

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