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PokéStop Showcase featuring Ground-type Pokémon in Pokémon GO, Ends on April 26, 2024

Trainers, the Rediscover Kanto event brings ‘changes’ to PokéStop Showcases in Pokémon GO, and according to the latest information, you can compete with Ground-type Pokémon and see who has the biggest Pokémon.

PokéStop Showcases are “local events” where Pokémon GO players have the chance to compete against each other and see who has the biggest Pokémon. The PokéStop Showcases went live last year, during the Summer Game Fest, and most players often know how to compete with other players and their Pokémon.

So far we have had the opportunity to compete with many Pokémon, but it was the turn of Ground-type Pokémon. Starting today, until April 26, 2024, at 8 pm local time, you will be able to compete with Ground-type Pokémon.

Now, in case you’ve forgotten or this is your first PokéStop Showcase event, worry not, we got your back. We have a short guide about

Pokémon GO PokéStop Showcase Guide

PokéStop Showcase Overview

  • A local event where Trainers compete to be featured at nearby PokéStops
  • Currently showcases your largest Pokémon; more Showcases may be added later

Viewing Showcase Details

  • Look for a symbol on the Map above a PokéStop to indicate an active Showcase
  • Tap the PokéStop to view details and the current leader

Entering a Showcase

Local Entry

  • Visit a PokéStop with an active Showcase
  • Tap “Enter” below the current leader’s details to submit your Pokémon or switch to a different one.

Wild Pokémon Entry

  • Catch a qualifying wild Pokémon
  • Tap “Enter Nearby PokéStop Showcase” on its details page to submit it

Managing Entries

  • See your Pokémon’s ranking on the Today View
  • Tap to view the leaderboard and swap your entrant

Participation Limit

  • You can join a maximum of 3 PokéStop Showcases simultaneously


Claiming Rewards

  • Receive a notification when a Showcase ends
  • Visit the PokéStop where you entered to claim rewards and share results

Which Ground-type Pokemon will you compete with? We will choose Marowak.

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