Play Overwatch For Free Over The Next Weekend

MOBA games seem extremely popular, and Overwatch is planning to step up. Unlike all the free games like Paladins, League of Legends or Dota 2, Overwatch is a paid game. You will not be able to download it and start playing it instantly. I’d say it’s a bit bad for not letting this game for free and get all the profit from its cosmetics. Can you make yourself a room and get ready to play Overwatch for free over the next weekend?

The game had its pro tournament and is scaling up in the esports too. The big guys have supported this game. This makes the game unbeatable.

Overwatch is one of the newest titles in the gaming world. We know that buying a game like this would maybe disappoint you because it might not be enjoyable for you. What is going to happen soon, more exact the next weekend? There is going to be a crazy offer which is going to come only once. This deal will be able to get for PS4, Xbox One and PC, and the deal is getting Overwatch for free. Do not forget that the agreement has limits and you can play Overwatch only over the weekend. While announcing on their official blog, Blizzard’s team said that the freebie weekend starts on November 18th and will finish in 21st the same month.

All the players will have access to all the heroes, 22 of them. 13 cool maps will be available to play on. While other games are fighting on a meager number of maps, Overwatch will offer you 13. I cannot think of games with more maps than Overwatch and Paladins. Well, in Paladins everything comes for free, what I genuinely support. Also, the number of heroes in Overwatch is growing fast.

A lot of modes will be available for players to try out, skills too including quick play, weekly brawl and more. Getting this kind of announcement is exciting for this week, and for some of the Overwatch lovers also, as they will get a lot more opponents during the weekend. There is a good thing for both sides both sides, the players, and Blizzard. That is, if you play Overwatch this weekend for free and you decide to buy the game a little bit later, you will be able to get all the levels and progress you gain while playing it for free.

Yes, your progress is going to be saved on the servers.

PS4, Xbox One, and PC requirements

To play Overwatch for free, you will need additional provisions to fulfill. PS4 gamers will need a PlayStation Plus Membership, and Xbox One players will need Gold Membership. The other players that play this game on PC will need a account which comes for free, where they can download Overwatch from the client. Anyone that gets any of these, it will be able to play entirely for free.

The only taught of ours is that we do not know how the other games are going to respond to this. No one knows what is going to happen. This is a big step for Blizzard and Overwatch.

So, which game is going to be your favorite over the Next Weekend?

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