Dota 2 Update 7.00: The New Journey is About To Come

Well, there it is folks. The new Dota 2 Update 7.00 is about to come, just as the title says. This update will bring a lot of changes to the game as well as the changing of the game and gameplay as a whole. We’re not speaking about another normal and scheduled update. The next Dota 2 Update is something like… Let’s just say we’ll get a brand new Dota 2 game, or, something more like Dota 3? The 7.00 Update will change the game in a fashion manner, without considering the player’s concerns. However, a lot of players I personally know do not feel comfortable with applying this update and accepting the changes.

From a new hero to a brand new in-game interface, hud and map, new features, gameplay changes. Believe us, a lot of unknown and new things are about to come.

The New Journey of Fame or Shame: Dota 2 Update 7.00

The judgment of this update is pretty straight and strict. All of the players have to adapt to the new changes and start learning the game all over again! Given the fact that every single game just tries to bring the best it can for its community, Icefrog was probably thinking the same. But, is this going to be satisfying? Let’s see the changes down below and judge afterward.

Monkey King Hero

Sun Wukong is about to come, one of the most exciting heroes to play with. This Dota 2 Update 7.00 will bring the best.

New Hud, In-game Interface

New in-game interface. There will also be a new backpack that will allow you to carry 3 more items in your stash.

This should pretty much help in gathering information from around the world map making sure your team is the better one in order to destroy the enemies Ancient. This redesigned in-game interface should also give an increased map vision and new ways to see details on what is actually going on the map.

This will also include new features like:

  • Shop and courier controls
  • Top bar and minimap
  • Hero control console

Players will also be able to one click level up.

Overall, the interface in the new Dota 2 Update 7.00 should pretty much help all of the players making it easier for them to react.

New pregame and Approach to battle

Players now have a new pregame intro and should be a lot easier for them tio pick the right heroes in order to outcome as the better team in the game. Players will receive a lot of new tools to find the right heroes and gameplay plan.

  • Pick Phase
  • Familiar Filters
  • Hero Highlight
  • Team Composition
  • Hero Suggestions
  • Enhanced Strategy map

We are sure you already know what those mean. Otherwise you can find the full explanation for it over here.

New Gameplay and Hero Talent Tree

This is probably the most exciting category of the new 7.00 update. The new journey begins with the introducing of the Hero Talent Tree.

Yes, this hero talent tree is one of the newest features in the game. What is this all about? Every single hero will have this feature and players can pick what they need on every 10, 15, 20, 25 level in the game. They will be able to pick through different abilities every hero offers. Similarly to Heroes of the Storm. Players will upgrade their extra abilities with one push of a mouse click.

You can find more about this on this link

Map Changes and other

Well, the most exciting news are probably in the map changes.

Roshan is being also changed:

  • Moved to new area near top powerup Rune spot.
  • Attack range is increased from 128 to 150.
  • Armor is increased from 5 to15
  • HP reduced from 8000 to 5500
  • HP gain per 4 minutes reduced from 700 to 460.
  • Armor gain per 4 minutes is increased from 0.7 to 1.1


New building type where the champions will be able to teleport to.

These shrines are near each team’s Secret Shop and new Ancient Camp locations. They are becoming vulnerable whenever the all tier 2 towers fall for the team.

Each of the teams have 5 shrines inside the base. The shrines have the ability ready with a 5-minute cooldown. The heroes can right click to activate it while generating a 500 AoE aura which lasts for 5 seconds.

More about this you can read over here.


Runes are now being split in two different categories: Powerup (Haste, Double Damage etc…) and Bounty Runes.

The Bounty Runes are no longer in the River while the Powerup Rune spawns now spawn at only one river location at a time.


Reworked Entire Jungle Terrain for Radiant and Dire.

Related to the Jungle, new Neutrals, New Ancients will take place.

There are also other map changes that are about to come.

We think that this Dota 2 Update 7.00 will make a lot of changes that players should accept nicely. Even though a lot of the Dota 2 community is scared because of these changes, and they should totally learn the game all over again, it should not make them quit the game.

Overall, the gameplay has a lot of changes and you better check all of them on the link below:

The update should go live at 12.12.2016.

Tell us what do you think about this patch in the comments down below.

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