Halo 5 Team Arena Winter Updates

After directly been working with pro players and teams, there are lot of changes that are going to come. There are going to be changes on Power and Weapon placement and balance, weapon ability and placement and also reduction in the amount of Splinter Grenades. Overall, the Halo Team Arena Winter updates should offer a lot better features.

There will also be a radar changes after the long debate and feedback around it.

The Rig

It not only that. There are going to be map updates with changed weapon layout. The Rig weapon layout is going to be fixed while delicating balance surrounding the initial rush at start of each game. 343 Industries are going to remove the Plasma Caster in align to that. Also, The relocation of the Sniper Rifle and Railgun will finally happen.


As thought, on Plaza the revising of the layout and placement of Splinter Grenades took some efforts. Also, established spawn-trap strategies that teams have been employing over the past few months on Slayer and Strongholds. Well, that has been addressed by shuffling few more things around with including the Storm Rifle and Battle Rifle.


As a favorite map of all the players, 343 industries didn’t want to change anything around it. There has been some Splinter Grenade clean-up around the Green Tower side of the map. Also, a collision barriers have been added around the map to prevent the new exploits that HCS competitors were using it…


Fathom received capture the flag changes. It also got a repositioning of the of the Flag Stand in each base and now is a bit closer to each Generator. Players can quickly juggle the flag through the tunnel in mid. That is not meaning it’s the best route to take, but however, it should be a better one. Being all that said 343 Industries would keep an eye on these matches and over the next few months.


After the introduction of the Plasma Caster and Scattershot to Regret there have been a decision to replace Scattershot.  It has been replaced with the Storm Rifle and reduce ammo count in the Caster by one clip.


After the Launch of Halo 5 they have never predicted that players will move around the map so quickly. After analyzing the gameplay they have chosen to revamp the map with the movement towards the next season. The Prevalence of the Power Weapons on the map, while the frequency of automatic weapons and Splinter Grenades have been reduced. After loading the map the Iconic Energy Sword placed on top mid can be seen more than the Fuel Rod Cannon. Each home base will now offer a trusty Battle Rifle at first level too.


While still struggling to tweak this map in the right way, you will notice that the map has been changed and hoping for better now. The Splinter Grenades are completely removed now in prevention of frustrating scenarios seen in high-traffic areas. The Saw has also been removed in order to make room for the Active Camo Power Up which is now placed in the tower.


After the analysis done on the Sniper Rifle placement in Slayer  there have been new changes too. After you load a game of Eden Slayer you should be able to see that the Weapon Pad is moved towards the center of the map and the explosive barrels are rearranged too. The Shotgun in Security is replaced with a Silenced Assault Rifle just to reduce the amount of power weapons in Slayer Matches.

In case you want to see more detailed info around the maps and radar visit this link.

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