Planet Coaster Update 1.1.1 Is Here Today

Seems to me that this Planet Coaster Update 1.1.1 came really fast.

planet coaster update 1.1.1

The developers Frontier Developments are once again working hard on Planet Coaster trying to improve the game close to perfection. Like the others patches that we had before, this one is not smaller in work and includes a lot of new fixes.

Here is the list of the latest Planet Coster Update 1.1.1 fixes.

Planet Coaster Update 1.1.1 Notes

  • All content from the 1.1 free Winter Update now available in all challenge parks (including pre-existing saves).
  • Arctic sandbox and challenge maps from the 1.1 free Winter Update now are bigger.
  • Improvements to Snap Alignment on 4m curved wall pieces.
  • Batteries are added into the Festive King Coaster Mascot fairy lights and are now visible in game
  • The “set lighting” button for the time of day is now safe. Applied when re-loading a saved park
  • Fix added for Launched wing – Cloud runner rollercoaster train audio not working
  • Fix added for Mute option on shop radio not working
  • Arctic Hard challenge mode refund rate is now consistent
  • Fixed bug in starting setting for Tropical Easy Challenge parks

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