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Infestation The New Z

Infestation: The New Z January 17 Update

Talking about Infestation The New Z and their strong Anti-Cheat. This is the only reason why I am personally loving the game. Since we are talking about their Anti-Cheat, it will be updated which is awesome!

This Infestation: The New Z Update should be a real surprise for all the players. We’re really sure they will enjoy it.

Infestation The New Z

While new players were able to join beginner servers after 24 hours, now they are limited to do the same after 72 hours. This is alright as they were feeling like real “starters” and not “beginners”. We are talking about big update with a lot of things added and changed.

The Christmas update and visuals will also be removed and no more available in-game. More precisely, the Christmas trees that we’ll miss and also the zombies will be gone.

High Jump will be available in private servers again.

The update will also repair major crash on Caliwood, Colorado V2/V1 and also Battle Royale.

New functions, like adding a search bar in the global inventory so players can search for items in the inventory will also be available in the in-game vault. Seems like they are doing a really good job listening to all of the players and their community.

These are just some of the notes and there will also be more Overall, UI, Sound, Server, Item, Skin and maps update. As we said, this is going to be a really big update and all the players will definitely love it.

The update will take place on January 17, 10:00AM CET. For more precise patch notes, you can check out this link.

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