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Wild Terra Open Test

Wild Terra Open Test Starts Today

Wild Terra open test begins today only in Europe. When the full game launches for other regions will be available to play the game. The NA (North America), SA (South America) and Asia can get a touch of the game as well. The Open Test starts today January 20 and will last until January 24.

Wild Terra Open Test

The developers are open to further suggestions and are excepting for all the players who will join the open test version. You can download the content here

If you have any problems downloading the open test version, Log in to Steam, go to Library and find Wild Terra online. Right click, properties. Then you will see on the right tab named “Betas”  and select Test new version open testing.

Wild Terra Online got a new update 0.8.22 which improves the leveling system, arena and treasure hunting. Every day when you log into the game in the open test version you will get points of “Battle focus” and “Craftsman insights”. In the Arena, you can fight against other enemies. Also, you will find chests that help you to improve the basic equipement. If you are looking for an adventure then you defiantly need to try “Treasure Hunt”. Be careful out there of the evil creatures. The above mentioned updated fixed some bugs which now gives better gameplay.

The above mentioned updated fixed some bugs which now gives better gameplay. The connection to the server is no longer a problem and you can’t build through walls now. Unfortunately, everything you earn in this version it will not transfer in the original game. So, it is better to get the early acces and play on the main servers.



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