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Rocket League Patch v1.29 Adds A New Content

Rocket League just got its latest update v1.29 and a new content. This update also adds PS4 Pro support and fixes some bugs. Keep on reading below and find out more info.

Rocket League patch v1.29 brings the Hot Wheels Twin Mill III and the Bone Shaker Cars in the store for purchase. Starting from today, Rocket League supports PS4 Pro 4k rendering. Also, you will now find the Player’s Choice Crate Series 1.

rocket league patch v1.29

There is a new DLC, Battle-Cars. This includes the Twin Mill III DLC Battle-Car and the Bone Shaker. Each of them is with 6 new decals. The Twin Mill III is now with flames, overline, javelin, pyro, speedster, primo and a new OH5 wheel. The Bone Shaker gets a bone jack, inferno, diablo, starstruck, pro-street, stripes and WW5SP wheel. In addition to this, the new DLC includes a treasure hunt flag, hot wheels antenna, shark bite topper and hot wheels topper.

Rocket League patch v1.29 notes:

There are some changes and updates in the game, so the players are very excited to get in touch with the newest DLC. Here are all the changes, updates and bug fixes:

  • Player’s Choice Crate Series 1
  • PS4 Pro support with 4k rendering
  • Vehicle driver and passenger side windows no longer have Blue or Orange tint when Black Market decals are equipped
  •  “Mad Scientist” and “Infinite Power!” achievements are fixed
  • Pressing shoulder buttons simultaneously no longer causes Item overlap on vehicle customization screen
  • “Insufficient Space” on PS4 now properly displayed when attempting to save a reply when the console’s hard drive is full
  • Saved replays on PS4 will work properly when transferred from one PS4 to another
  • “Lightning” Wheel is now “Voltaic”
  • Licensed Car items can no longer be forced onto other Battle-Cars
  • Chain link pattern no longer visible when using certain Rocket Trails
  • Fixed performance issues with the Proton, Dark Matter, and Hypernova Rocket Trails

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