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Rocket League Season 12 Now Live, Notes and More

Rocket League is shifting into high gear as Season 12 goes live on September 6. The season arrives with the Porsche 911 Turbo and several other new features inspired by the notorious hacktivist Zero-Day. Here’s everything you need to know.

To celebrate its 75th anniversary, Porsche is bringing its iconic 911 Turbo to the game. When you purchase Rocket Pass Premium, you’ll instantly unlock this high-performance vehicle with Dominus Hitbox for a seamless gaming experience. A wide-bodied, souped-up version-Porsche 911 Turbo RLE-also becomes available for those who progress further.

Augment Your Ride with Premium Rewards

Season 12’s Rocket Pass Premium offers players a chance to pimp their ride with various upgrades. The Hacked Halo Topper adds a holographic flair, and the CRT Avatar Border takes you on a trip down memory lane. Customize your look even more with new Paint Finishes like Bubblewrap, Keyboard, and Pixel.

Dive into Zero-Day’s World

Players will find themselves caught in a web of intrigue as Zero-Day hacks into Neo Tokyo. Transform your Arena with Zero’s World Goal Explosion and show off your allegiance with Zero-Day’s Badbeat Antenna, Player Banner, and holographic Topper.

Seize the Circuit with New Tournament Rewards

Season 12 also adds fresh Tournament Rewards. Whether you want to flaunt the Toasted Antenna or adorn your ride with the Doodled Octane Decal, there’s something for every player. Not to mention, the chance to get your hands on Black Market items like the Hypno-Web Decal.

Data Drifters and Premium Item Packs

Enhance your Garage with the Rookie and Elite packs, offering items ranging from the Purple Tygris Car to the animated Wet Paint Decal.

What’s Next?

Hints have emerged about upcoming updates, including the reopening of the Aftermarket Item Shop Tab and a special Halloween event. Stay tuned as more of Zero-Day’s enigmatic messages get decrypted.

Take control of your reality in this world of digital disruption. Season 12 starts on September 6.

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