The Division 1.6 Update Will Come Up Soon

This is where the game either fails either improves even more than before. The Division 1.6 Update will come up soon and should satisfy a lot of players. At least that’s what Ubisoft expects.

So, let’s just remind you what you’ll get in this update. We’re speaking about both the owners of the DLC or Season Pass and without. The Division 1.6 Update will also include a Gameplay changes so the players that don’t own the Season pass will get the changes for free.

The Division 1.6 Update Will Come Up Soon

This update will be available on all platforms, today.

The Division 1.6 Update Will Come Up Soon – Get Ready!

New Lost Signal Incursion

Say hello to all the PVE lovers. This is where you will enjoy and spend your time if you do not like to play the Last Stand mode. Since we’ve been playing this a lot and we can ensure you’re going to love it. The Lost Signal is actually happening in a TV broadcast center which is taken by the Rikers.

This game mode includes three different parts that include different scenarios, which means it will be hard. Their sync should be at the highest level so they can move and eventually complete the Lost Signal incursion. Different parts they go in, different rewards they receive. Isn’t it what you asked for?

Last Stand Game Mode

The Last Stand game mode will be only available for the owners of the Last Stand DLC or Season Pass so they can access the content. It will become available later today.

Players are looking forward to this game mode hoping they’ll get some fun and enjoy The Division PVP where you can actually queue up over and over again. Yes, it will also contain Leaderboards which means that it’ll be competitive, which actually means that the game mode will become very popular amongst players. Are you ready to grab that fun?

The queue will put you in the Dark Zone (01-09) where you’re job is to defend three locations. The game will be 8vs8 so it should be really fun.

How to play

There will be 3 SHD tech data relays within 1 tactical point which mean your team needs to control all the three of them so the points will start counting. This is the only way to reach out the max score and win the game. In addition, players can also activate different SHD tech boosts in order to get more points per kill or points multiplier.

For the full patch notes, and believe me we’re talking about a big one, please visit the following link:

Are we actually going to like The Division new 1.6 patch? Let’s just wait and see what’s gonna happen later today. However, do not forget to tell us what you think about this in the comments section down below!

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