WoW Patch 7.2 Introduces PvP Brawls

WoW patch 7.2: The Tomb of Sargeras brings a new PvP Brawl. These Brawls will be with different modes, rules and gameplay.

If you are a WoW fan and looking for something different, then these Brawls are the perfect solution for you. Keep on reading and find out more about the new Brawls.

wow patch 7.2

Every other week there will be a different PvP Brawl. There will be different rules and modes for each of them. By winning a match, you will get a reward. Simple right? All you have to do is click on Player vs. Player Tab and find them. Or just simply use hotkey “I” and there you have it. I have some info about 3 Brawls. If you want to find out more read on below.

One of the Brawls is Tarren Mill vs Southshore – Warfare. This Brawl actually is a battle between two towns, Southshore and Tarren Mill. In order to win here, you have to play as a team. Winning the battle, you will recieve a reward.

Next Brawl is Gravity Lapse – Resource Race. This event takes place in Eye of the Storm. This will be a brand new expirience for all WoW players. The players will be launched in the air to collect resource in order to win the match.

The third event is Warsong Scramble – Capture the Flag. This event is happening in Warsong Gulch, where you and your team are playing the usual capture the flag mode. To win the match, you need to capture the flag 5 times. But there is something else. If your own flag is not at your base there is a penalty. What is the penalty? Well, we just have to wait and see when the Brawl hits WoW.

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