CS: GO or Rainbow Six Siege?

Talking about two massive FPS games that are making their way through on the market. Well, to be quite honest Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is still up there while Rainbow Six Siege has fewer players and a smaller community. But, what would you choose if you need to decide between CS: GO or Rainbow Six Siege?

Well, knowing the numbers from before, CS: GO is a bigger name than Rainbow Six Siege since the CS era started a long time ago, spreading its competitivity in large pool tournaments. There’s no doubt why CS: GO has more players. But, let’s talk a bit more about what’s better to buy now.

CS:GO or Rainbow Six Siege


First of all, let’s start comparing the objectives in this game.


Counter-Strike: Global Offensive has its old scenario between Terrorists and Counter-Terrorists, where Counter-Terrorists has to defend the bomb site at the given time. That includes not letting the bomb being planted by eliminating all the enemies or getting a defuse. On every map, there is a default A and B bomb site.

Rainbow Six Siege

In Rainbow Six Siege, playing ranked or casual, you get the chance to get three objectives. The first scenario is to secure the area, the second scenario is a bomb scenario, and the third one is a hostage rescue scenario. Having more diversities is sometimes a lot better option, meaning the game won’t become that boring. But, all of the triggers happen on the same maps. However, the positioning is different. What differs from CS: GO is that in Rainbow Six Siege, the defenders get the chance to choose where the event happens (which part of the map).

Getting 3 different scenarios in a single game and a map cannot be bad.

Having a lot more playable maps than CS: GO, Rainbow Six Siege pretty much wins in this area.


As we said, when it comes to characters and in-game personalities, Rainbow Six Siege offers a lot more different so-called “Operators.” This means you get two types of operators both for Attackers and Defenders. They are different. Having the Second Year DLC ready, two more operators are about to come. They’re all coming from different countries, which makes the game even more interesting. Every single one of them has its specialty.

On the other side, CS: GO has the old classy T and CT gameplay offering only in-game skins. Talking about skins, Rainbow Six doesn’t fall off behind. They also provide in-game skins.

If we take a little bit closer look, Rainbow Six Siege is just a much modern version of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. Having more types of Maps to play on, all those types of different Operators to play with, different objectives, it makes the game even better.

Weapons and weapon parts

Is this your favorite part? Well, Rainbow Six Siege offers more in-game customization for your weapon, by both choosing the primary gun you want to use by playing the chosen Operator. Almost every single Operator has two primary weapons to choose from, and also two secondary weapons. That’s not all. You can get the chance to even customize your weapons by modding them. Whether that be a scope, a handstop, underbarell, your choice. Whatever you want to empower, you can buy it with the in-game currency. Do not worry. You can earn in-game money by just playing casual matches. It’s easy indeed.

In CS: GO, we have the same old in-game buy system giving us the chance to get our favorite weapon at the start of each round. Well, in RSS, it doesn’t work like that.


Rainbow Six Siege offers a lot smoother graphics than CS: GO. We can confirm that in every looks a lot better looking at it from any given perspective. Whatever options you want to play on, will it be low or high quality, it just bumps down the CS: GO graphics. Well, we’re also talking about two different game engines, and Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege has bigger caps, probably.


Your favorite comparison, right? Everyone loves a good anti-cheat on a First Person Shooter games. They both offer quite good anti-cheat systems. CS: GO offers VAC and Rainbow Six Siege provides BattleEye. It seems like BattleEye works good and the game lets you know who’s being banned on the top right of the screen every time you’re in Rainbow Six. BattleEye

Now, the most important thing for all of you out there would be the price.


The Price between these two First Person Shooters haven’t got that big of a margin. Knowing that RSS offers DLC’s and Counter-Strike doesn’t let’s compare them on Steam.

Counter Strike Global Offensive Steam price: 14.99 USD.

Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege Steam price: 14.99 USD.

Well, if we compare both the gameplay and prices, we can conclude that Rainbow Six Siege is a better buy. You do not need to buy the DLC at all, make sure you try out the starter edition. If you like it, you can get the Year 2 DLC, getting the latest Operators for free. Believe us, this game is still growing, and it will become more popular as the time comes through. It will be something like CS: GO, knowing that RSS has its own Pro League competitive events.

What do you think, which one’s better to get? CS: GO or Rainbow Six Siege? Tell us in the comments down below.

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