The Division 1.6.1 Should Be Amazing

Well, after all the changes and the tryout we’ve done. It seems like the patch is really satisfying. From what we’ve experienced until now, the new are the best thing could ever happen to a game of this caliber. To be honest, the Division had its own ups and downs, but it feels like this game takes a big swing, while also promising a lot to come in the future. The new era is starting with the 1.6.1 patch.

Like, every single change that came within the 1.6.1 on the PTS is just amazing. This is what you should know, and all of the agents should never stop playing the game.

A lot of people think that I am personally sponsored by Ubisoft for writing a promotional content, but I will neglect that in this article too. I am not being sponsored at all and I am doing this just for love. Ok now, back to the 1.6.1 changes.

Loadouts & Macro Usage Fix

So, having the Loadout changes it’s really awesome. I’ve been running 2 different builds on 2 different characters while also stacking all the remaining loot in the chest. Well, that’s far gone. It’s much easier now, I can easily run 6 different loadouts on 1 character. That will make a total of 12 loadouts for my 2 characters, which is freaking awesome addition in the 1.6.1 patch. I am telling you, the Division 1.6 loadout update is the best thing that ever happened in this game. Also, let’s not exclude the Macro Usage fix.

One of the best thing in this patch, if you ask me, is the removal of the macro usage. Yep, you heard me. The Macro usage is gone for good. Thanks to the Division 1.6.1 patch, the Macro users cannot abuse the rate of fire at all. Now, when I said The Division is going to rise, I ment on something else.

After the 1.6.1 update, there’s going to be a whole new content which is going to come for free. It will be released in the summer and we’re just going to enjoy it. However, that’s not all. There will probably be a new The Division which is going to come soon.

Now, if we summarize everything, we know how Massive improved the game over the game’s timeline. We judged on everything, we gave our opinions and the most important thing is that they’ve listened! If we see throughout the timeline, there was a lot of hard stuff for Massive. Everything was really bad. But, hey, now… they know their mistakes! What do we think about a division expansion or a whole new The Division 2? Hey, make it happen, make it happen whenever you can!

We’re agents and we’re going to love the new expansion for real. However, do not forget, get rid of the hackers. That will be the main part of which a lot of players stopped playing the game in first place.

Now, speaking the devil, there’s a free to play weekend starting from today. Because of that, you can try the game before you decide if the game’s good or bad. This is ment for all the players out there that never tried The Division before.

However, we are speaking about the Division 1.6.1 PTS update, and we can confirm that when it comes to the live servers, the update will be just amazing! What are your thoughts on the 1.6.1? Good or bad? Speak yourself in the comments down below!

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