The Division Update 1.7: News Coming Directly from ETF Charlie Members

After the ETF Charlie workshop and the news regarding the new content and the upcoming updates 1.7 and 1.8, 2 community members that attended have revealed some news related to The Division Update 1.7 and 1.8 that are about to come this summer. discovered some news about the upcoming content, including the two videos from the ETF Charlie members, Arekkz, rxlyaT and BinaryNumb, letting the world know what actually they’ve experienced at Ubisoft Reflections during their ETF Charlie sessions. They talked about the new and upcoming content for The Division, which is pretty much going to be astonishing.

Arekkz is one of those who got the permissions to speak, so you might want to check his video down below:

The two scheduled features for update 1.7 Seasons and Feats are now called Commendations and Global Events. Global Events will be similar to the ones in the Dark Zone, limited timed events and Commendations will be built according to somewhat of in-game achievement system.

This kind of info was totally alright with the Developers, confirming their info as legit while also noting that the update 1.7 and 1.8 are quite unfinished and there’s still work on both of them. New gear and vanity items you say? Yep

The Division Update 1.7 – New Gear and Vanity Items

As noted by the update 1.7 will be all about Global Events and commendations, together with New Gear and Vanity Items that are about to come. BinaryNumb said that this is “only around half of the things that are coming with this update“.

Talking about the global events, it seems like they will only occur once a month while global modifier also applies to all PvE content. What modifiers job is, they will be increasing the chance for you to get better rewards. What’s really interesting is that during a Global Event, you’ll be able to get a new STAT ITEM which is going to help develop your build in a better way.

Talking about the Commendations, discovers that these type of achievements will be based on activity that encourages players to keep on grinding in order to get them. Overall, it feels like there’s going to be a lot of upcoming news coming in The Division 1.7 and 1.8 updates. There are lots of commendations and some of them are easy, while some of them hard to complete.

Update 1.8 – Probably the biggest upcoming content

This is what every single player wants to hear about, the new and upcoming content that is about to come within The Division 1.8 update, which is pretty much going to surprise the whole community. Being a Veteran in this game, it feels that in the very beginning we’ve been playing a totally incomplete game. Since then, things have changed and we can now confirm that after the 1.8 update we’ll have a totally complete game, letting every single player know that he’s not going to be mistaken if he buys a copy of The Division, even if he does that 1 year after the official Launch of the game.

It’s never too late. Knowing that the 1.8 update is going to be as big as the three major expansions together that came in the first Season Pass, and will also come for free, it’s never too late to buy The Division. The Division is about to become a lovely place for its community. Thanks to the ETF Charlie team and for providing such an info. We are more than glad to pass it to all of our readers, letting them know that The Division is not dead yet. Instead, The Division just started evolving!

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