Play The Division For Free, Starting From Tomorrow

Starting from tomorrow, The Division will be available to all the gamers around the world! For Free! On all the Platforms! However, this promotion will expire on May, 7. So, all of you who haven’t tried this masterpiece of a game, it’s time for you to hop in. I’ve been playing the Division for a long time and I still cannot stop playing it, which means it has a lot of good content for you and your friends to enjoy. It’s time to bring your friends in the game and play The Division for free. I am pretty sure that they’ll buy the game after exploring Manhattan and saving New York from the bad guys throughout the three days!

Play The Division For Free

Will it be three days of joy or three days of pain? Well, about this question, we can ensure you that you’ll definitely enjoy the main story and also single player campaigns. The moment you get to your Base, you’ll want to upgrade it badly! It’s simple enough, all of you who haven’t tried this game out, you cannot miss it this time!

It’s time for you to become an Agent and Play The Division For Free

Being an agent and fighting against a disease, cleaning the streets from bad guys such as the self-called Cleaners and other criminals it’s really satisfying. So, because of that, Starting from May 4 to May 7, do not forget to download this beautiful game and play it for free. This promotion is available for all the platforms, PC, PS4 and Xbox One!

This free version of the game will offer the Standard Edition’s content, co-op features, DarkZone PVP. Well, grabbing The Division’s loot for free might get you in the game forever. Why are we saying that? Because you can grab the Standard or Gold Edition of The Division with a discount for a limited time. Offer that you cannot miss.

If you decide to buy the game, let us just remind you that The Division won’t stop there, there will be new content to come. Hopefully, soon, we may witness The Division 2 release. Who knows?

Ubisoft posted a video of Do’s and Don’ts, started guide. You can see the video below:

For more detailed info on the free weekend, check out this link:

If you’d love to see the Standard and Golden edition discounts, visit the following link:

If you ask us, for the best experience, make sure you finish as much as you can from the main story, whether that will be in a co-op mode or solo. Then, hop in the Multiplayer PvP DarkZone. Alright recruit, we honestly hope you’ll become an Agent.

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