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Secret World Legends

Secret World Legends Gets a Revamped Combat System According to its Latest Trailer

Funcom has pretty much confirmed that Secret World Legends will get a new combat system if we judge according to its Latest Trailer. Right before the release of the game (26th of June), the trailer shows that the combat is revamped from the ground to the top. Well, it’s not just the combat that’s revamped, instead, there’s a lot more than that.

Secret World Legends

You’ll be able to change the camera in more ways, allowing you to enjoy every single fight. The game will receive its new and improved visuals, a better story, better progression system throughout the story. Weapons, Magic (Chaos, Blood, Elemental) are also re-designed. The game looks really astonishing and is going to join the MMORPG world.

Since we’re talking for an RPG, in Secret World Legends every single fight you take will depend on your actions. Your actions will pretty much control the flow of the fight, depending on which way you want to go for. Abilities and Weapons transferred into powerful builds is what’s going to keep you put in Secret World Legends.

If we take the New Features and its big Story Content into consideration, the game looks even more than promising.  Because of that, Funcom has released a new Secret World Legends trailer explaining all the new features showing some parts of the amazing animations.

You can watch the trailer down below. Enjoy! Which gear are you going to aim for?



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