The Division: A Brand New Classified Gear will be Available to Farm in 1.7

The Division is on a roll, Agents. It seems like after all the deployed patches before, the 1.7 is going to be the best one ever. As we started covering patch by patch, in every consecutive patch related post, we said that every single patch is the “best ever happened”. Well, the 1.7 might smoke out every single previously deployed patch. As we’re getting introduced to the upcoming Classified Gear, which is going to be available in The Division’s patch 1.7, it feels like The Division is getting even hotter than before. After the Commendations System, it’s time for a new WELCOME!

The Division 1.7 Classified Gear

These new gear options in 1.7 will offer an expanded range of bonuses. A new type of gear that will literally always roll a higher value than the standard gear, while not increasing the gear score at all. That’s good, as lots of fans disgust the gear increase when it happens. These new bonuses will affect the current build that players have, allowing them to tweak the build in their favor. Basically, as Massive stated, the new Classified Gear will offer an opportunity to extend the stats of your build in a seamless flow.

That being said, I think The Division is becoming more than a complete game.

Classified and Standard Gear can also be mixed to obtain the standard 2-4 piece bonuses of the gear set you’re wearing. It will empower your current build while creating a lot stronger version of your loadout. To satisfy your curiosity, Classified Gear can be equipped as 5 or 6 pieces together, and that’s where the fun begins. This will buff the 2 and 3 piece bonuses, plus improve the individual bonuses.

You asked for it and now you got it! Massive has found a way of developing a new gear without increasing the gear score, and that’s what everyone love to hear. After the loadouts update, this feels like a h*** of a refreshment for all the Division fans out there, making them grind for what’s called Classified Gear.

Having all of that in common, the Classified Gear will also be available for a Recalibration. Players will get the chance to recalibrate two stats of each piece, which improves the versatility of the Classified Item. Enough talking, let’s preview all the Classified Gear that will come as a test purpose within the 1.7 update.

Classified Gear

  • Classified Lonestar
  • Classified Final Measure
  • Classified Deadeye
  • Classified Sentry’s Call
  • Classified Striker
  • Classified Reclaimer

Now, you know which sets are going to actually be empowered at the very first place. Having all of the gear ready, it’s time for you to prepare for the Classified Gear and the new activities that may come within 1.7. I mean, there must be some new activities when a game receives this kind of changes. Loadouts, Global Events, Commendation System, Classified Gear… Massive is on a hot roll right now. Guys, you deserve all the credits for improving the Division a lot, except the cheating part for which deserves to be avoided at this moment.

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