What is the best Pokemon against Legendary Beast Entei and How to Beat Him

Entei is one of the Legendary Beasts who is available to battle, defeat and catch in Pokemon Go. This Legendary Beast is part of the Fire Type, weak against Ground, Rock and Water Type, but strong against Bug, Fairy, Fire, Grass, Ice and Steel Pokemon. Entei is with 3412 Max Cp, 235 Attack, 180 Defense and 230 Stamina.

Entei’s best moveset is Fire Spin/Overheat.

My best choice when it comes down to Legendary Beast Entei is Golem, with his Mud Slap/Stone Edge moveset. This is the strongest Pokemon against Entei, because he is a Rock Type and his moveset deals the highest amount of damage.

There are two other very useful counters against Entei as follows:

  • Omastar – Water Gun/Hydro Pump
  • Vaporeon – Water Gun/Hydro Pump

Entei has similar Defense as Zapdos and the same top counter: RT/SE Golem. So, my prediction is that he can be defeated by 5 Trainers or 3 Pro Trainers.

Entei is available only in Europe and Africa at the moment, but with the rotation, it will be available throughout other regions after September 30.

Just a reminder, before entering a Legendary Raid, always have your best Pokemon by your side and his best movesets.

Region Spawn Switch Dates:

  • First Region Swap Date – 8/31/17 – 9/30/17
  • Second Region Swap Date – 9/31/17 – 10/30/17
  • Third Region Swap Date – 10/31/17 – 11/30/17

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