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Pokémon GO Teases Diancie Global Release, Shiny Release Would be Great too

Jewels are all a girl can ever ask for. At least I want jewels, and while I can’t get that in real life, it seems that I will be getting it in Pokémon GO.

A little teaser was released by Niantic and Pokémon GO a few moments ago, and while they didn’t mention anything, I can’t help but think that the tease is about a certain Jewel Pokémon, otherwise known as Diancie. This Pokémon is said to be radiating beauty, being day or night.

There is a little silhouette, and the background music reminds me of glitters, of jewels next to each other glimmering with their beauty. As I mentioned, nothing is confirmed yet, so this teaser might mean a number of things, and a Diancie release is at the top of my mind. If this indeed is a global Diancie release, it would be the first time since its exclusive debut during the Pokémon GO Fest 2023, its first and last appearance together with Mega Diancie.

The video might also mean a Shiny Diancie release, a Mega Diancie Raid Day (which I would really like to happen), or it could mean a totally different thing. After all, this is Niantic we are talking about, nothing is certain. They could do the unexpected, like a Special Research linked to Carbink, even a full event dedicated to it.

Who really knows? Only time will tell. My bet is on anything related to Diancie. I would really like those jewels on me.

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