The Division Update 1.7 Comes Tomorrow Adding Classified Gear Sets and Global Events

After three test versions of patch 1.7 on the Test Servers, the time for a full release has finally come. The Division is a game that offers an amazing content, and thanks to the 1.7 patch, that content will become even more enjoyable to play. The newest patch is going to offer quite some new features, including the new Classified Gear which is the favorite among players. Everyone wants to resemble the past by grinding for a new type of gear. That will be allowed in the newest 1.7 update, for which Ubisoft and Massive have patiently been waiting before they announce the full release, thus avoiding any unpleasant player’s experience.

The Division Update 1.7

This patch might be one of the last in The Division. According to some surveys published by Massive, we know that they’re probably working on another The Division project. It’s good to hear any news on that, and the 1.7 patch is here to entertain us until that occurs.

What’s new in The Division 1.7

Let’s see what’s about to hit the game tomorrow. Oh, and yeah, it’s going to hit it hard.

Global Events

Time limit events that add special modifiers to PvE parts of The Division. These types of events will offer Tokens, usable to purchase Classified Gear Caches. Knowing that the Classified Gear Sets are coming to life, these Global Events will probably be important to attend, knowing that they’ll offer both Tokens and good gameplay thanks to the special modifiers. It’s going to be more than fun to try them out.

Commendations and Patches

This is another new feature as players will get a chance to customize their character and change the default Phoenix patch on their hand. Cool, right? I’ve been supporting every other game on their cosmetic items, and I definitely love the Division offering the same. The Commendation score will be visible to all players, so everyone will have something else to grind for. Oh, it feels good to write about the Divison again. Especially when there’s something cool to write about of course. There are more Vanity items… just keep on reading…

Face Masks

Face Masks are new Vanity items and will allow agents to further customize agent’s face!!! They can be obtained by doing Global Events, so there’s another reason why Global Events will be more than challenging to play.

Classified Gear

The second most important thing is the new Classified Gear. They will be able to get only by participating Global Events. Which is another reason why Global Events are the most important in the 1.7 update. They will have higher Primary Stat Range and will be able to recalibrate only twice.

We have chosen to write about the things we’re eager of trying in the newest 1.7 update. However, the update is quite big and there are a lot more details to take care of. To preview all of the changes, make sure you head to The Division’s official website.

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