Factorio’s Patch 0.15.32 Fixes Compatibility Issues With Some Antivirus Programs

Wube Software has made quite some changes around Factorio. The newest patch 0.15.32 will fix some of the very known issues caused by Antivirus programs. Mainly, having an antivirus issues causing the game to crash is sometimes very annoying.

This new release should patch up other things too and it’s quite big. Cleaning the bugs is what the developers aim for at first place.

The whole Factorio’s community is very excited because of these changes, and they’ll be able to run their factories without any kind of further issues. Just as a reminder, Factorio is still in Early Access so any further bugs might be encountered. Furthermore, the developers promise they will polish them out and make the Factorio run smoothly.

Factorio has a really nice community, and the game itself has been receiving very positive feedback over the past. You can find the full patch notes down below:


Fixed compatibility problem with several antivirus programs. more[]

Fixed seed in map-gen-settings.json would be ignored when creating map on headless server. more[]

Fixed that connecting to a multiplayer game with a large blueprint library might be difficult. more[]

Fixed that using capsules would open an Entity’s GUI when clicked. more[]

Fixed that –window-size=maximized wouldn’t work on Linux. more[]

Fixed that changing reactor consumption(production) values through a mod didn’t update its production until rebuilt. more[]

Fixed that blueprints would sometimes stop transferring.

Fixed crash when opening item/container and at the same time the controller is set to some that doesn’t have inventory. more[]

Fixed 3 possible crashes related to getting malformed network packet over the network.

Maybe fixed a biter path cache-related crash. more[]

Fixed that bad_alloc and similar low level erros were catched internally, so we couldn’t get proper stack trace of those.

Limited the size of a train chart tag when the map is zoomed in. more[]

Possible rare crash fix related to building rails and viewing preview of entities right after that. more[]

Limited technology cost multiplier to maximum of 1000. more[]


The log method also specifies the mod that wrote that, not only script file.

Added LuaEntityPrototype::distribution_effectivity read.

Added LuaEntityPrototype::time_to_live read.

Added LuaControl::following_robots read.

Added LuaPlayer::pipette_entity().

Added LuaEntity::can_be_destroyed().

Added script_raised_destroy reserved event ID.

Added script_raised_built reserved event ID.

Added script_raised_revive reserved event ID.

Changed LuaEntity::time_to_live to also work for combat robots.

Changed LuaEntityPrototype::fluid_capacity read to also work on fluid-wagon.

Changed LuaEntityPrototype::turret_range read returns nil instead of error if not turret.

Changed LuaEntity::train to return nil if entity is not rolling stock.

Added LuaEntityPrototype::explosion_beam read.

Added LuaEntityPrototype::explosion_rotate read.

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