Path of Exile Release Time and Date on Xbox One, All of The Fall of Oriath Supporter Packs are Available

Path of Exile for Xbox One will be live at 2 PM PDT today August 24. If you want to play, then below you will have all the information you need.

The game will launch at 2 PM PDT today, August 24th. It is a simultaneous launch for all countries. Path of Exile will be able to be played in every country minus South Korea, China and Japan.

There might be some small delays in the launch for Brazil, Australia and New Zealand. This delay will happen because the developers received age rating certificates for the mentioned regions, and are trying their best to get them processed in time for the launch. Japan might be added as a region in the upcoming weeks.

Currently, Path of Exile on Xbox One is available in English, Russian and Brazilian Portuguese. The developers plan to add German, French and Spanish together with the PC version in the future.

The First Blood Bundle is a copy of Path of Exile and the First Blood Pack which contains 200 points, Extra Stash Tab and the First Blood Weapon Effect. It is the same price as 200 points would be, and it is limited to one account only. The game is free, and if you buy the bundle on Xbox One before the release, it will allow you to start pre-downloading.

The Supporter Packs for The Fall of Oriath are all available. There has been some correction in the prices, only because they do not come with physical goods like the PC versions. The Harbinger packs will be added in an update very soon. The Harbinger Challenge League will launch together with this version, which includes Hardcore mode. The Solo, Self-Found mode is optional, and it is available for new characters upon rescuing the Scion.

The release version of Path of Exile which will be launched on Xbox One is close to 3.0.0b. There are some ideas to update it to 3.0.1b, which has the waves of Harbinger league improvements.

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