Pokemon Go: Train Hard, Go to the Gym and Raid Battles on Regular Basis to Get the Exclusive Raid Invitation

Mewtwo is the eight Legendary Pokemon spawning in Pokemon Go, right after Lugia, Articuno, Moltres, Zapdos, Raikou, Entei and Suicune. This is a unique Pokemon and one of the rarest and hardest to defeat and catch, with 49430 CP and Max Capture CP of 2275.

Mewtwo is the first Legendary Pokemon that Trainers will face off in Exclusive Raid Battles. These Exclusive Raid Battles have debuted with Mewtwo and in order to participate, Trainers will get an invitation in advance. To get the Exclusive Raid invitation, Trainers need to train hard, go to the gym and Raid Battles daily.

Only Trainers who will defeat a Raid Boss at the same Gym where the Exclusive Raid Battle will be taking place will receive an invitation to participate, in advance. This sounds confusing, right? But what if the Exclusive Raid invitation is just to guarantee that Mewtwo will spawn at the most active Gym?

pokemon go exclusive raid invitation

If you think about it, maybe the Exclusive invitation is only just to certify that Mewtwo will start spawning at the most popular or most active gym in the area. This could make sense with the first video of Pokemon Go, the one where everybody is fighting Mewtwo at the same time.

It could also make sense with the recent video where people are getting the invitation pass and the 48 hours egg. Or maybe, Mewtwo will be released during weekends at the most popular Gym and with everybody that has won at least one raid at that gym since the legendary raids. Our speculation is that we might see Mewtwo on the weekend before Labor Day, September 4.

For last, in an interview with Ed Wu, Niantic’s Director of Software Engineering, (see the video below) he told Gamereactor, “I can’t talk much about exactly what we’re going to do there. But I can say, for those players who train really hard, who go to gym and raid battles almost every day and go quite regularly, we’ll have special invitation-only events where some of the rarest and most powerful Pokemon, including legendaries, might appear.”

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