Tom Clancy’s The Division: “Resistance” The Biggest and Free 1.8 Update Comes This Fall

Ubisoft and Massive are going to release the biggest ever update in the Division. Knowing the past of this game doesn’t seem to pay out that much for the developers. The community has also been quite disappointed over the past. But, the good part in all of this is that Massive, knowing their mistakes, they’re heading the right way. Therefore, the announcement of the upcoming 1.8 Resistance Update seems kind of mind blowing.

The Division West Side Pier

Resistance is not just the name of the patch. Instead, that name stands for the new PvE game mode which is coming within the 1.8 update. What’s even more exciting to talk about is that the new update will include a new zone, West Side Pier. Players will be able to explore the area, finding something they never came across in the history of The Division. They’ll be able to witness the gather of the LMBs, Cleaners, Rioters. Yes, you heard me well. Factions are teaming-up, and they have only one goal, and that’s shutting down The Division Agents.

The 1.8 Resistance update will come for free! Wow, even If I’ve said that so optimistic, futuristic and scientific, I just hope Massive won’t blunder in the creation of the Resistance 1.8 Update.

The Division 1.8 – New PvE and PvP Game Modes

Resistance PvE

As Massive and Ubisoft stated, there will be new game modes. The PvE game mode comes under the name Resistance, and players will need to penetrate through the countless waves of NPC’s from different factions. They are expected to act as a single unit in their mission to destroy the Division agents. Players will need to survive as long as they can to achieve the best rewards.

Skirmish PvP

Yes, there will be a new PvP game mode, Skirmish. Unlike the previous game modes, including the overrated Last Stand by a lot of players, the Skirmish game mode sounds kind of fun. There will be two teams of four players fighting for the top of the scoreboard. Top of the scoreboard regarding the number of kills, of course. What differs from the Last Stand is that players will get points only if they eliminate an already downed player.

From our perspective, after the 1.4 Update, seems like Massive has improved The Division by far. All those updates that kept on coming were just on point. Let’s be honest, some of them have probably brought retired agents back in the game. That’s what I would love to see with this 1.8 update, which is quite likely to be the end point of any future updates. After this point, it’s all about The Division 2.

Those who want to find out more info about the upcoming 1.8 Resistance update, make sure to tune on tomorrow at 8 AM PDT and witness the first look of 1.8.

Below you can watch The Division Resistance Reveal trailer:

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