How to Beat Vaporeon Solo and What Pokemon To Use Against The Water Type

Vaporeon is a Water Type Pokemon that evolves from Eevee, with 260 Stamina, 205 Attack, 177 Defense and Max Cp 3157. It’s weak to Electric and Grass Type, but strong against Fire, Ice, Steel and Water Type Pokemon. Vaporeon can be found at Harbors, near the ocean, at the beach, wetland or reservoir.

A few hours ago, a Redditor called BoBozi has defeated Vaporeon Lvl 3 Raid solo by using only 4 different Grass Type Pokemon. He defeated the hydropump Vaporeon without dodging, with 11 seconds left.

According to BoBozi, if anyone wants to solo a Lvl 3 Raids, then the perfect option is to find Lvl 2-3, 30 Exeggcute in the wild, evolve them into Solar Beam and you are all set.

Here is the list of what Pokemon he used to solo Vaporeon:

  1. Exeggcutor – 2834 CP, 38.5 Lvl, BS as Fast Move and SoB as Charge Move
  2. Venusaur – 2346 CP, 35.5 Lvl, VW as Fast Move and SoB as Charge Move
  3. Vileplume – 2145 CP, 34.5 Lvl, RL as Fast Move and SoB as Charge Move
  4. Tangela – 1746 CP, 28 Lvl, VW as Fast Move and GK as Charge Move

Also, you can use other Pokemon and beat Vaporeon solo:

  1. Dragonite Lvl 37.5 Dragon Tail/Outrage 15/7/15
  2. Exeggutor Lvl 30 Bullet Seed/Solar Beam 11/7/13
  3. Victreebel Lvl 30.5 Razor Leaf/Leaf Blade 15/14/14
  4. Jolteon Lvl 28 Thunder shock/Thunderbolt 15/11/1
  5. Jolteon Lvl 30 Thunder shock/Discharge 1/13/12
  6. Jolteon Lvl 29 Thunder shock/Discharge 15/8/12
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