Mewtwo Catch Rate With Throw/Berry Combination

With the changes in the GM file and all the speculations these days, I think now it’s the perfect time to get ready for Mewtwo. As you may know, Mewtwo is one of the best Pokemon in the game as well as one of the rarest and hardest to battle and catch.

Mewtwo was first seen in Yokohama, Japan during the Pikachu Outbreak event, where more than 2 million players, were lucky enough to battle and now own one of the rarest Pokemon. Now, with the release of EX (Exclusive) Raid invitations, I hope to see Mewtwo spawning worldwide very soon.

Mewtwo’s CP is 49430 and Max Capture CP 2275. A very powerful Pokemon that has 3 weaknesses, and takes a lot of skills and knowledge to counter it. Then, when you’ll defeat it, there is another “obstacle,” the perfect catch. As one of the rarest and unique Pokemon, I think catching it will be a huge pain in the…So choose your Raid team wisely, wipe your screen, keep those fingers steady and make an Excellent throw!

Now, when the GM file for Mewtwo is adjusted, it’s time to look at the catch percentage of throw/berry combo:

Normal Nice Great Excellent
No Berry  – 6% 6.9% 9% 11.1%
Curve 10.2% 11.70% 15.3% 18.9%
Razz Berry 9% 10.4% 13.5% 16.7%
Curve 15.3% 17.6% 23% 19%
Golden Razz Berry  –  15% 17.3% 22.5% 27.8%
Curve 25.5% 29.3% 38% 47%

A day ago, 7 Japanese Pokemon Go Trainers have tried and defeated Mewtwo, but unfortunately, Mewtwo ran away at the end. Below you can watch the video for more details:

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