Mini-14 is the New Gun Coming to Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds

The new gun that’s going to come with the latest PUBG update is the Mini-14. Before some time Bluehole has decided to slow down the release rate of their future updates. Meaning, they’ll release them at a slower tempo, thus including more varieties, big efficient fixes, and content. It’s good to follow along that swiftness and accompany Bluehole’s changes while also giving them our feedback on what’s right or wrong in the game.

The new update is going to include bug fixes, as well as a new weapon, Mini-14 which is a 5.56 ammo weapon and also classified as a semi-automatic rifle. The thing over here is that we are speaking of a game, not a real life circumstance. The Mini-14 is somewhat similar to the M16A4. Alike Rate of Fire, but different firing mode. Players won’t be able to customize it because it is semi-automatic. However, let’s just remind you that we’re speaking about a game so anything might happen around that question.

The Mini-14 will not be another crate weapon and will be available all over the island of Erangel. Adding more weapons is what the whole community was looking forward to. I honestly can’t wait for PUBG to come out of Early-Access allowing mods. It will be an entirely new experience as modders from all around the world will probably create such a valuable and extra content. I wish to encounter something like the Arma 3 Exile Mod in PUBG.

Pubattlegrounds has also confirmed about this update and you can find their tweet below:

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