Pokemon-Themed Graduation Photo Shoot in Thailand is Now a Thing

The photos of a happy Thai graduate that is hanging out with Pokemon on his special day, went viral yesterday.

The professional graduation photo shoots are obligatory among the Thais, but instead of having a normal one at Chatuchak Park like most people do, the photographer and his client made the decision to give life to their mutual childhood dreams to life, in the shoot.

The photographer, who wanted to be identified as Premwut, 24, told Coconuts, “I think it all started from my childhood, actually. All the 90s kids grew up with anime, and Pokémon is the top anime of my heart.”

“Now all the 90s kids are graduating…all the anime figures that I’ve been collecting since my childhood, maybe I want to bring them to life! When I was young, I thought about what it would be like to be in the world of Pokémon.”

In a matter of seconds, the graduate and the photographer made a deal with the concept of the shoot. While the photo shoot was happening, Premwut stated that he gave a lot of thinking about the angles and where the Pokemon would appear, so that he could easily photoshop the characters in.

In the last years, the themed photo shoots have become extremely popular among the Thais. They turn the traditional photo shoots in happy and fun concepts. During the shoot, Premwut said he had to think about the angles and where the Pokémon would appear so that he could photoshop the characters in later.

Check out the photo shoot here

“I think each culture has its own trend, and each pays importance to different things,” Premwut said when he got asked about the rise of themed photo shoots. “One thing that I need to know is what they want, and I have to deliver it.”

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