Bungie Game Director Christopher Barrett Seek for Suggestions on the First Destiny 2 DLC

Destiny 2 is out for a few weeks, without being available on PC. It’s kind of unfair to see Bungie’s Game Director Christopher Barrett seek for Opinions on the next DLC pack that should come to Destiny 2. Christopher Barrett has expressed himself on his Official Twitter page, asking a question which has created quite a big discussion.

What would you most like to see in the first expansion? Well, the first and most irritating reason on why Christopher should’ve not asked this question it’s because the game has not come on PC, yet. This is really painful for all the PC gamers and fans of Destiny 2. Searching for feedback from the players might be a really good idea as they are the ones playing and exploring Destiny 2 mostly. But, after PC players being ignored in the first part of Destiny, isn’t it a bit too rough to avoid them in the second as well?

Or, Destiny 2 hit the September Charts holding the top, so we do not need PC players at all. Who cares about their opinion?

According to the press release, the first DLC pack will focus on Osiris and take players to Mercury. However, since Christopher Barrett is seeking for more answers, it feels like Bungie has a lot more to work on. Knowing no official release date, we cannot give the proper answer to all the fans out there.

Angel Kicevski

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