Escape From Tarkov Account Wipe, Patch Successfully Deployed

After the official announcement of the account wipe and the new patch, the day has finally come. Battlestate Games has been prolonging the update because of core and important reasons. It has been announced that extra optimizations will be added. Therefore, by knowing Battlestate’s effort in all of the Beta Updates, there has got to be a reason for the Patch delay.

Putting everything aside, Battlestate Games have managed to successfully launch the Beta Patch, which should also reset players’ account data. This means that every single player will simply begin from zero, depending on the Game Package he owns.

Despite the optimizations and the memory leak fix, the game will receive extra items and weapons, including one of my personal favorites. There will be Rail Mounts for mounting handguards on the LVOA blocks, which should in total improve M4’s recoil.

Finding it as a most important change in every update, we’ll list the bug fixes only. If you love to find all of the changes, make sure you go to the official EFT Website. Despite the additional features, the bug fixes worth reading, as Battlestate Games have managed to get rid of some of the most annoying ones. Hopefully, the 0.4 patch will be one of the patches that will take Escape From Tarkov closer to the Official Launch.

The overall patch size is somewhere around 3.2 GB.


  • Bug where melee weapons caused no damage with fast hit (double hit of melee weapon button when equipped with other weapons)
  • Bug on quest fail during raid
  • Bug in which could use the quest item in raid even if it was placed in offline quest stash
  • Bug of remains of kicked-down doors preventing character movement
  • Quest “Stirrup” can no longer be completed by suicides
  • Problems associated with sounds, when they were either not played or not played correctly
  • Now, when switching from optics to reflex sight, mouse sensitivity changes
  • Bug that marked quest as failed in case of reentering the game
  • Visual bug that shown grenade still in hand during and after the throw
  • Bug that sometimes prevented character from moving up to interactive objects
  • Bug that lets you chamber more than one round
  • Bug allowing to install weapon mod within itself (in the Inspector through the context menu)
  • Bug that prevented the number of shotgun shells in store from updating on reload
  • Bug that allowed you to pick up items through the doors
  • Visual bug which does not play the animation of Saiga 12k mag checking
  • Visual bug displaying weight in the trade window
  • Removed the ability to modify weapon mods in the trade window
  • Bug that, upon changing the FOV in the game settings, but not applying it, changed the size of the moon in optics and aim down weapons
  • Bug, where environment sounds on Shoreline location, have not changed from the sound settings of the game
  • Bug that affected optics reticle texture quality when changing texture quality in settings
  • Partially fixed ability to loot through doors
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