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Which Unown Letters are Released and Missing in Pokemon Go

A list has been made, which shows which Unown letters have been released on real-world events. The question “Which Unown letters are still missing?, ” pops up quite often.

Down below, we put the list, with letters released/not released in the game, thanks to Pokemon GoHub and ysmaelbp:

A – Chicago, Yokohama, Safar

B – /

C – Chicago, Twitch

D – Anaheim

E – Europe

F – Safari

G – Chicago

H – Chicago, Yokohama, Twitch

I – Chicago, Safari, Twitch

J – /

K – Yokohama

L – Anaheim

M – Yokohama

N – /

O – Chicago, Europe, Yokohama, Anaheim

P – Europe,

Q – /

R – Europe, Anaheim, Safari

S – Anaheim, Safari

T – Twitch

U – Europe

V – /

W – Anaheim, Twitch

X – /

Y – Yokohama

Z – /

  • Chicago GO Fest event – C, H, I, A, G, O
  • Europe (during the delayed Safari Zone events) – E, U, R O, P
  • Yokohama (Pokémon GO Park and Stadium events) – Y, O, K, H, A, M
  • Anaheim (2017 Pokemon World Championships) – W, O, R, L, D, S
  • Safari (Safari Zone events) – S, A, F, R, I
  • Twitch (TwitchCon 2017) – T, W, I, C, H

This shows that only B, J , N, Q, V, X and Z have not been released during any of the events mentioned above. Also, Unown O has been in 4 out of 6 events so far. A, H, I and R are in 3 of the events.

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