Poliwrath Defeated By 3 Trainers, Here is a Video How to Beat the New Raid Boss with only 3 People

As we now know, Raid Bosses have changed and new Pokemon are now available to battle and catch. To be honest, it doesn’t take a lot of skills or knowledge to defeat some of the new Raid Bosses, but it looks like Poliwrath is harder to defeat.

Poliwrath is a Water/Fighting Pokemon weak against Electric, Grass, Fairy, Flying and Psychic Pokemon, but strong against Fire, Ice, Steel, Water, Bug, Dark and Rock Type Pokemon.

To be honest, I was hoping to see Poliwrath as a hard Raid Boss to defeat, but it looks like I was wrong. Today, a group of 3 Asian Trainers Lvl 40, 39 and 38 (see the video below) decided to try and test their skills and knowledge against Poliwrath. They’ve been using Espeon, Alakazam, Raikou, Exeggutor, Zapdos and Jolteon as their attackers.

Here is the list of Pokemon they’ve been using against Rock Smash/Ice Punch Poliwrath with 24247 CP:

Pokemon Go Trainer BIOWP Lvl 40

  • Espeon Lvl 39 15/15/15 C+FS
  • Alakazam Lvl 30 15/15/15 PC+FS
  • Alakazam Lvl 30 13/15/13 PC+FS
  • Raikou Lvl 40 15/14/15 TS+WC
  • Raikou Lvl 32 15/15/11 TS+WC
  • A used maxed out perfect IV Jolteon

Pokemon Go Trainer EpiCrimson Lvl 39

  • Espeon Lvl 34 15/14/15 C+FS (Actually requires one more power up to reach the final breakpoint)
  • Raikou Lvl 33.5 13/15/15 TS/WC
  • Raikou Lvl 32 15/15/15TS/WC
  • Exeggutor Lvl 37 14/15/12 C/Solar Beam
  • Zapdos Lvl 31.5 15/15/12 CB/TB
  • An used Lvl 30 Zapdos

Pokemon Go Trainer polkadotjam Lvl 38

  • Raikou Lvl 32 13/15/14 TS/WC
  • Raikou Lvl 32 15/12/12 TS/WC
  • Zapdos Lvl 30 15/14/14 CB/TB
  • Jolteon Lvl 37 15/15/12 TS/TB
  • Exeggutor Lvl 30.5 15/7/15 BS/Solar Beam
  • Exeggutor Lvl 30.5 14/14/7 BS/Solar Beam

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