Ho-Oh will be Available in Pokemon Go Longer than December 12, Niantic’s Support Confirmed – Update

Update: Ho-Oh will be available to battle and catch until December 14 at 1 PM PST.

Previous Story: According to Niantic’s support, Pokemon Go Trainers will have more time to battle and catch Ho-Oh. Unfortunately, there is no official info given until when, but it seems like the December 12 deadline is getting extended.

A Redditor named okkthxbye has contacted Niantic’s support, telling them that he has experienced an issue when he successfully completed a Raid Battle, and the Pokemon Go company responded with adding two Premium Raid Passes to his bag. Also, they’ve shared news regarding Ho-Oh, saying:

In addition, we’ll also be extending the deadline for catching Ho-Oh

Take a look at Niantic’s respond:

I think that this is due a recent issue with Ho-Oh Raid Battles, when a lot of Pokemon Go Trainers have complained about losing Raid Passes and not being able to catch Ho-Oh.

I don’t know about you Trainers, but I’ve experienced something very interesting regarding Niantic lately, well since the Thanksgiving event. It feels like they’re trying to get closer to the Pokemon Go community, especially when acknowledging every issue a Trainer reports. Do you feel the same?

Good job Niantic, and keep up the good work.

For last, if you are looking for a good guide on how to beat Ho-Oh with 3 or 4 players, I have something special for you. Check out the trio guide and how to beat Solar Beam Ho-Oh with only 4 Trainers.

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