Pokemon Go in 2017, The Good and the Not so Good Stuff Throughout the Year

The year of 2017 for Pokemon Go has been good and not so good, and like any other game out there, Pokemon Go has had its ups and downs, but I have to be honest, there have been a lot of Trainers who came back and started to play and “catch ’em all” all over again, and it looks like they are still having fun.

First thing first, I’ll start with the good side. The good stuff was that Niantic released full Gen 2 and more than half of the Gen 3. The gyms got reworked, they added raids and premium rewards. Also for the first time, they released the Legendary Pokemon. The weather bonus was added and the bug that occurred at level 40 was fixed. They fixed the low spawns, they added more PokeStops and Gyms in the urban and suburban areas.

As for the not so good side of the game, the application still crashes, more cheaters entered the game and start to dominate the gyms. There was a problem with the EX-passes and Niantic was nowhere to be found.

The motivation decay rates are much faster than they were. Every account got the EX raid pass, no matter on which level the account was.

Although Niantic released new content for a game that did not have many features, they are probably trying to reduce the power gap between the passionate players and the casual players. The positive thing about the new weather feature is that they encourage us to go outside and catch as many Pokemon as we can and the days where only Ratattas and Pidgeys spawned are finally gone.

The raids gave us a reason to power up Pokemon.

In our personal opinion, Pokemon Go has evolved and it is a better game than it was at the beginning. As for 2018, we have high hopes that they will release new content and something that will make us play and love the game even more. PvP and trading sound just right for me.

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Dejan Kacurov

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