What Does Matter and What Does Not to Get an EX Raid Pass in Pokemon Go, Here is a List of Things that Might Increase your Chances

EX Raid Pass in Pokemon Go, the most “sensitive subject” among the Pokemon Go players, grants you the chance to battle and catch the Legendary Pokemon Mewtwo, as part of the EX Raid Battle, and only those who get this specific pass/invitation can participate in one. Lately, the Pokemon Go community has been trying to “break” Niantic’s code to find out what matters and what not to get this type of pass. They have been sharing different theories, creating charts, some stuff for nerds, and what I liked the most is the fact that everyone has been working together to solve the riddle.

how to get ex raid pass

All the info is gathered, and I can finally say that the following list of what matters and what not to get an EX Raid pass, thanks to deurbell who posted this thread on TSR, (still a theory, nothing is confirmed so far) where you can also find proof, is the closest to solving the riddle:

What matters:

  • Raid on confirmed EX Gyms, gyms that have had at least one EX Raid recently.
  • One raid per EX Gym per week is enough to qualify you for that gym.
  • Raid on confirmed EX Gyms indifferent and as many s2 cells as possible to increase your chances (if you focus on one Gym only, you put all your eggs in one basket).
  • Beating the Raid Boss.

What does not matter:

  • Using only Free Raid Passes or only Premium Raid Passes.
  • What day of the week you completed a raid.
  • The level of the raid you completed.
  • If you went in a Public or Private lobby.
  • Catching the Raid Boss.

Also, he posted a list of things that might increase your chances to get an EX Raid invitation on the same thread, and here is what we know so far:

  • Raiding one specific (EX-) Gym multiple times in a week
  • How many days before passes go out you completed a raid in the last week
  • Level of Gym badge
  • How many raids in total you have completed
  • Trainer level
  • How many raids in total on that specific gym you have completed (first timers on a Gym often get an EX Pass)
  • The time of the raid you completed

I do know that the EX Raid system is a bit complicated and this theory might not solve the riddle, but I think we’re getting closer and eventually someone will put an end to the enigma.

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