New Styles Fisher, Battlegirl and Jogger Coming to Pokemon Go, Update: They are Now Available Prices Included

Update: Feb 1 at 18:28: The new styles are now available in Pokemon Go and after you earn Battle Girl, Jogger, or Fisherman medals than you have to purchase these items and you can customize your Avatar. Here is the list of how much each worth and their Tier:

  • Fisherman Cap: 180 (Bronze)
  • Fisherman Vest: 500 (Gold)
  • Fisherman Pants: 200 (Silver)
  • Fisherman Rubber Boots: 100 (Silver)
  • Jogger Cap: 100 (Bronze)
  • Jogger Sunglasses: 160 (Bronze)
  • Jogger Vest: 220 (Gold)
  • Jogger Wristband: 50 (Bronze)
  • Jogger Shoes: 50 (Silver)
  • Jogger Pants: 200 (Silver)
  • Battle Girl Vest: 220 (Gold)
  • Battle Girl Gloves: 50 (Bronze)
  • Battle Girl Pants: 200 (Silver)
  • Battle Girl Shoes: 50 (Silver)

Previous story: As reported by one of the greatest data miner Chrales, the Game_Master file is now showing new styles assets – Fisher, Battlegirl and Jogger.

It looks like Pokemon Go can change the style of their Avatar as one of the above mentioned, with new gloves, pants, tank top, shoes, glasses, hat, shirt and more. There is nothing official yet, but I do know that Chrales has always been right, and I expect to see the new items soon. Here is how they look and you can find the full report after the image.

new styles fisher battlegirl jogger pokemon go

Here is the report:

  • decrypted_assets/f_gloves_battlegirl_bundle_icon
  • decrypted_assets/f_pants_battlegirl_bundle_icon
  • decrypted_assets/f_shirt_battlegirl_bundle_icon
  • decrypted_assets/f_shirt_battlegirl_bundle_icon
  • decrypted_assets/m_glasses_jogger_bundle_icon
  • decrypted_assets/m_gloves_jogger_bundle_icon
  • decrypted_assets/m_hat_fisher_bundle_icon
  • decrypted_assets/m_hat_jogger_bundle_icon
  • decrypted_assets/m_pants_fisher_bundle_icon
  • decrypted_assets/m_pants_jogger_bundle_icon
  • decrypted_assets/m_shirt_fisher_bundle_icon
  • decrypted_assets/m_shirt_jogger_bundle_icon
  • decrypted_assets/m_shoes_fisher_bundle_icon
  • decrypted_assets/m_shoes_jogger_bundle_icon

For those who don;t know, Chrales data mines the game master file for changes such as new sprites, catch rates, etc. He probably can’t tell you when new things will get implemented. Based on the past, less than ten days.

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