Rainbow Six Siege Year 3 Operation Chimera Content is here, brings 2 new operators

Ubisoft has been doing an exceptional job with Rainbow Six Siege lately. Traditionally, every new year brings new operators, so Year 3 is finally upon us. The whole Rainbow Six Siege community is hyped about the upcoming changes, for which two new operators are going to be among the favorites to play in this next period.

It’s a whole new season we have to deal with, bringing new Russian and French operators, Lion and Finka as well expanding the entire team of Operators, both attackers, and defenders throughout the year. Both of the new operators are biohazards specialists, for which it should be the most effective against the infected packs in the new game mode. They both have new specials to discover, and we won’t spoil it talking about them in here. Instead, it will be better for you to see it by yourself. We’ll just say they look cool.

Starting from there, throughout the whole year and minor operations, we will receive even more Operators, like every year before. As a new season, you know that players will need to recalibrate their ranked score so that they could enjoy some quality gameplay.

Despite the two new operators, Operation Chimera brings more changes, and you can find them all by visiting R6Siege official website. Within this update, we’ll get the chance to experience Operation Outbreak, which is going to be available until April 3 and is one of the game modes we’ve never experienced in Rainbow Six Siege.

Sadly, one of the operators will be nerfed, and that is Ela. Ela has been both the most hated and beloved Operators by the whole R6Siege community only because of the outperformance she delivers on the defending side, which had pushed to come to this situation. It’s a complete turnaround in Rainbow Six Siege, and it will be fun to experience all the changes starting today.

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